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Our building fund is focused on Church rehab and renovation.  We need donations to raise adequate funds to install beautiful and durable replacements for damaged and aging components (roof, floors, walls, etc,)

This is a recap and status of our journey to recover and improve our facilities here at SEAS.

  1. Last fall, we were engaged in planning touchups to drywall and other aspects of the Parish Hall and Church buildings.  Bids were being evaluated and options considered.

  2. Christmas Time, we had a pipe break due to the extreme low temperatures, which caused damage to primarily walls and floors.

    1. Immediate action was to remediate against further damage and mold, so walls were stripped, flooring pulled up and some pews moved.

    2. Subsequent analysis showed that we also had a nearly 30 year old roof, in need of replacement, and even though some of the remediation could be done immediately, it would be unwise to proceed to fix the inside while risk would remain that roof failure would undo the new work.

  3. Additionally, we had a hail storm that added damage to the Church roof and to the awning in front of the Parish office doors.

  4. We came forth early in the year to tell the parish about the challenges and the parish is coming forward financially, as well.  Our collections are now meeting the weekly operational costs and the building fund has grown to $95,107.

  5. Rather than using the lowest grade materials in the process of the rehab, we are opting for durability, appearance and function, thus exceeding what insurance would cover.  While we have contractors doing the work we will be enhancing some other items, as well (HVAC dampers and controls, sound system wiring and other electronics in the building),

Notes from our Finance Council

23-04-16Building Fund letter3_edited.jpg


  • Roofing begins June 5th and should be completed before Saturday evening Mass

  • Colors have been chosen for interior finishes and contracts are being finalized, with itemized costs and estimated dates.

  • During a portion of the interior work, we will be having Masses in the Parish Social Hall.

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