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Together, we’re empowering Catholic men to live their faith at home, in their parish, at work and in their community.


During 2023 the Knights of Columbus did many good deeds both in our SEAS Parish and in our community and all these deeds revolved around our four core principals of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Following are some examples of some of these efforts during 2023 and in no particular order as:


  • CHRISTMAS IN THE PARK – The Knights purchased a LOT of toys, assisted with the set up and take down of the event as well as working the event on Sunday. It was a blessing to see all those under privileged adults and children happy and laughing as they enjoyed the food, visiting Santa and selecting a Christmas present. As the guests left the event with a full stomach and arms full of Christmas presents and needed items, both the workers and guests felt that blessing of feeling good and seeing God in so many ways in others.

  • KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS – The Knights coordinated purchasing the Christmas Cards and Vehicle Magnets, setting up a website to facilitate ease of purchasing, and also sold these cards and magnets after all Masses from 11/11 until 12/03/23. 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to charities that support both adults and children with intellectual disabilities.

  • ADVENT SUNDAY FESTIVAL / PANCAKE BREAKFAST – The Knights cooked all the pancakes to compliment the delicious breakfast items brought to the Festival by SEAS Parishioners and assisted those in charge with whatever was needed. 

  • OKTOBERFEST – The Knights answered the request to grill all the hamburgers and hot dogs, coordinate all the fixings for those grilled items, physically set up and take down all the tents and facilities and to clean up the grounds and facilities afterwards. The event was quite a success and many thanks to Msgr. Brovey for encouraging and supporting such a great Parish Social!

  • KNIGHTS MASS WEEKEND – In 2022 for the weekend Masses on September 24 – 25, the Knights filled all the supporting roles required for the Mass. Both Father Miles and Deacon Bill Hudson are Knights also.  It was a humbling spiritual experience for these Knights to be able to so participate together in these Masses. Additional Knight Masses were planned for 2023 but due to scheduling conflicts and then the Renovation Project it did not happen. However, in 2024 Knight Masses will return.

  • WORKDAY AT SEAS – In early April the Knights spent a Saturday at SEAS doing maintenance of the grounds and facilities that beautified our SEAS facilities and which removed this particular burden from SEAS Maintenance staff freeing them up to do other needed maintenance and/or repairs. It was estimated that this crew of Knights saved the SEAS maintenance crew 7-10 days of work.

  • ASSISTED WITH MOVING WORSHIP SPACE TO THE SOCIAL HALL – When the Renovations Project of the SEAS Worship space necessitated moving most everything over to the Social Hall, the Knights along with many Parishioners worked close together to complete this task

  • PARISHIONERS IN NEED – Two battery powered wheel chairs were donated to the Knights and were immediately donated to disabled people in need of them with one being a SEAS Parishioner and the other a disabled person in our community.

  • An elderly Parish Couple needed to be moved from their home to an assisted living facility and the Knights assisted with this move.

  • A metal wheelchair / access ramp was donated to the Council and an elderly Parish Couple was in need of a ramp. The donated ramp was removed from one location and then modified and reassembled at the home of the couple in need. This particular project took many Knight workers and a few months to complete.

  • HOMEWORKS – For over 20-years the Knights have partnered with Homeworks as they make repairs to the homes of qualifying families. In the summer months the Homeworks crews spend four days working on multiple homes with crews made up of Homeworks supervision and volunteers primarily being college students. The Knights provided lunch to one of their crews and also provided food at their celebratory dinner for all crews at the end of their four days of work.

  • In the Fall, the Homeworks does a Blitz where they do one day repairs on qualifying homes. On one qualified home the Knights were the crew supervised by Homeworks supervisors.

  • COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS – Council 8182 offers scholarships to qualifying candidates registered with the SEAS Parish, or are grandchildren, children or a spouse of a Council 8182 member in good standing. Candidates submit essays for evaluation and in 2023 four (4) candidates were awarded monetary awards.

  • RESPECT LIFE – Knights pray the Rosary at the Abortion Clinic on Grove Road and during the 40 Days for Life, our Council volunteered to cover Wednesdays for this 40-day Period.

  • SEAS MINISTRIES & COMMITTEES – In addition to all the above activities, Knights are active members of, and in some cases leaders of, SEAS Ministries and Committees.



       Our Council, like the SEAS Parish, was challenged in 2023 in that our monthly meetings for many years had always been in the SEAS Social Hall but when the Social Hall was forced to become our SEAS Worship space, the Knights had to look elsewhere to meet. Brother Rusty Bynum was gracious by offering the Council to have our meetings in his barn.  Thus, our meetings from July through December were conducted in the barn and what a blessing that has been. In that rustic setting as Brothers, we became closer to each other (Unity & Fraternity) and have learned so very much about our personal Catholic Christian beliefs and how to put our Faith into actions in the SEAS Parish and our surrounding Community.  The tone for our meetings is set by opening our meetings by praying the Rosary together, and our meetings are closed with prayer.  Thus, by becoming more Christ centered as a Council, the Holy Spirit has truly blessed our Council and each Knight thus inspiring us to do His works. In summary, it has been a great year for the Knights having been able to share their Christian values, talents and Faith with so many in supporting the SEAS Parish and our Community. We are truly Blessed with the opportunities to serve you.


May God Bless each of you with a Blessed Christmas and a Healthy New Year

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