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Ways to Give


Our Online Giving is back!!
You will love the new user friendly site!

Use the attached link to get started!

• Go to My Accounts at the top and enter your information.
• Click on Funds.
• Choose which Fund you would like to donate to.
• Click on Give Now and select the amount (or you can enter a different amount).
• Select One Time or Recurring.
• Click on Continue.
• Select your payment option and Complete.

We are very excited about our new Online Giving portal and hope that you will find it easy to use. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the office or OSV at or (800) 348-2886.

How much should I give to my parish?

No one outside of your immediate family can decide for you what the right level of giving is.  Also, alms giving includes your generosity to the totality of God's family here on earth.

However;  rule of thumb for some looking for a guideline has been one hour's wage a week.  For those of us working one regular full time job that is about 1/40th of your pay.  Some may find this too little or too much, but our situations change throughout life, regular re-evaluation of what you can give is a good way to approach the issue.

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